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Smelting blast furnace
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Since 1990s, our company has been active in all links of smelting industry such as design, manufacturing, installation and bricklaying. During two decades, with continu— ous innovation and development of China’ s metal lurgic industry, our company also forms a competent comprehensive service team involving design, reform, manufacturing, instat— Iation and blast furnace operation, winning high appraisals of clients in smelting industry. Especially these years our company’ s products have been extensively used all over the country and a number of blasts furnaces have been built in Henan, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang and many other cities. Currently our blast furnaces have been efficiently used in smelting of ferronickel, pig iron, ferromanganese and manganese—rich slag and the models include 22 m3, 45 m3, 128 m3, 230 m3, etc.


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