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New-type efficient ring sintering machine
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New-type ring sintering machine is the major equipment of the middle and small smelting enterprises' smelting factories for sinter production before iron smelting. After sintering machine, the mixed materrials containing various contents hot sinters to be used in blast or edectric frunace; after crushing and cooling. The quality sintering ore are the improtant guarantee for furnace and blast furnace smelting indicators.
    1. The integrated operation of automatic proportioning,mixture,sintering,crushing and air cooling features compact process,continuous production,sufficient output meeting the standard,thus saving labor cost and reduced energy consumption.
    2.During proportioning,the disc machine blends and materials in proportion to meet requipment of the blast furnace on the alkalinity.
    3.The mixing process is a combination of the primary mixing and the secondary mixing.Through scientific calculation,the reasonable rotate speed can make the mixed materials mixed evenly;the formed granules have well ventilation function during sintering and speed up the sintering.
    4.This sintering machine is ring-shaped one featuring advantages such as small volume,compact structure,continuing operating,high output.Above all,it sues coal gas ignition combustion,realizing energy recycle and reducing production cost.
    5.he close combination of material crusher and sintering machine saves tin, cost and other expenses during operation.
Save about 50% of investment, 50 % consumptive cost, 10 kwh/t power consiiiipt ion and 50% maintenance cost.
At present, ring sinteringmachines are successfully used in the nickel ore sintering, chromes ore siriterng, manganese ore sintering and iron ore sintering.

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