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Belt-type sintering machine
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    Belt-type sintering machine is the major necessary equipment of the large and middle smelting enterprises' smelting factories for production of pre-iron sintering ore.the mixed materials containing various contents generate hot sintering ore to be used in blast furnace iron-making after crushing and cooling.At present ,the belt-type sintering machines are successfully used in nickel ore sintering, chromes ore sintering.manganese ore sintering and iron ore sintering.
Structure features:
    Belt-type sintering machine is the sintering mechanical equipment,consisting of a trolley driven by front and rear sprockets and carrying mixed materials, as well as equipped with igniter and exhauast fan. The trolley is fed and ignited in the front and discharged at the rear. Throuth air drafting and combustion supporting by exhaust fan. the mixed materials are burnt from top to bottom and then generate sinters in effective sintering length. Druing the sintering process a lot of sulfur has been removed from the ores.
    Sinter production with belt-type sintering machine has features such as high output, superior quality, high finished product rate, lowerd energy consumption, easy use and maintenance and long service life, and plays an important role in environment protection of metallurgic enterproses.

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