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Environmental-friendly dust remover
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    Bag dust remover is a kind of dry-type dust filter for collecting tiny and dry non-fiber powders.The filtration bag is made of fabric filter cloth and non-fiber felt to filtrate the gas containing dust by using filtration effect of the fibers.When the gas containing dust enters into the gas dust remover,the powder with large granules and large gravity will fall in the dust hopper for the gravitational action and; when the gas containing the powder with tiny granules goes through the filtering medium.the powder will be detained and the gas is purified.Generally new filter medium has unsatisfying dust removal efficiency.After a filter medium is used for a period of time. due to effects such as screening and filtration.collision,stagnaion,diffusion and  static, a layer of powder (called as initial layer) will accumulate on the surface of f i Itration bag. . In later movement, the initial layer will become the main f i Iter layer of the filtering medium. Depend i ng on the effect of initial layer, the filtering medium with large meshes can obtain high filtering efficiency. With accumulation of the powder on the filtering medium, the dust remover gets more efficiency and resistance; when the pressure difference on both sides of filtering medium is large, some tiny granules attached to the fi Iter medium will be extruded so as to reduce the efficiency of the dust remover. Besides, the over high resistance of dust remover will obviously drop the efficiency of the dust removal system. Therefore, when resistance of the dust remover reaches a certain value, the bag should be cleared in time. But such clearing should not destroy the initial layer to avoid reduction of the efficiency. The bag dust remover is composed of upper housing, middle housing lower housing (dust hopper), dust collection system, dust discharge mechanism, etc.
    The bag dust remover has following advantages: 1.high dust removal efficiency.It can capture tiny powder with granule diameter more than 0.3 micron and realize dust removal rate of above 99%. 2.Flexible iperation.It can handle air volume from hundreds of cubic meters to several hundred thousands of cublic per hour.It can be designed as small set close to the machine tools indoor or large dust remover(dust removal room).3.Simple structure,stable operation,and small initial investment(in comparison with the electrical dust remover)and easy maintenance.Therefore,the bag dust remover is extensively used for eliminating powder powder pollution.improving environment and recycling the materials.etc.    
    The successful development of new-type high temperature-res i stant f i I ter i ng medium and the app I i cat ion of pulse bag dust remover on blast coal real i ze the blast furnace coal gas emission <C5mg/m3N and the best dust removal effect.
    The blast furnace pulse bag dust remover has the following features: the chamber body is round cylindrical shell, an ant i- blast valve is set at upper portion of dust remover and an ash reservoir is set below the ash discharge device of the dust hopper.
    This dust remover features compact structure, high strength, high rigidity, good tightness, obvious de-dust effect, easy use and repa i r and safe reliable operation.
    Besides.the company produces the equipments such as granite dust remover, cyclone dust remover, static dust remover and so on.  

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