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Coal Injection System
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Coal Injection System
1. Pulverizing system of pulverizing system
Yicheng Jinye Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has both experience and technical know-how in pulverizing system and injection system. This is
A major technological advantage that other competitors cannot compete with. Moreover, the joint arrangement of pulverizing and injection systems in the same building is the first initiative of Kuettner Company.
2. Injection system
2.1 Total Nitrogen
The whole injection system is operated with total nitrogen, which ensures the safety of 100% bituminous coal injection, while nitrogen is used.
The total consumption is only the same as that of the dilute phase conveying system. No additional compressed air is needed to transport the gas. Thus, the amount of gas transported into the blast furnace is greatly reduced. 2.2 Low Speed Dense Phase Conveyance and Low Speed Dense Phase Conveyance
Pulverized coal conveying speed is low: 2~4 m/s
High pulverized coal conveying ratio: 60 kg pulverized coal / kg conveying gas
Because of the low conveying speed of pulverized coal, there is almost no wear in the pipeline and distributor, and the wear of related equipment is very little, which greatly prolongs the life of the equipment and does not require overhaul for a long time. The service life is longer than 20 years.
In addition, because of the high conveying ratio, the pulverized coal entering the blast furnace conveys only half or even one third of the dilute phase gas, which saves a lot of coke consumption for heating the conveying gas from 80 C to 2150 C in the furnace. In this case, the coal injection technology of Yicheng Jinye Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will save users hundreds of thousands of dollars in coke consumption each year. This has not yet calculated the cost savings of replacing coke. Kuettner's pulverized coal injection system, which is used in the Tissen BF, has a actual delivery ratio of over 90 kg pulverized coal. 2.3 Permutation Ratio High Permutation Ratio
Using Kuettner's dense phase conveying and injection process of pulverized coal can ensure higher replacement of coke.
Ratio. This is mainly due to its unique design process and spray gun system.

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