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blast furnace
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Blast furnaces are made of steel plates and lined with refractory bricks. The main body of the blast furnace is divided from top to bottom into five parts: throat, body, waist, hearth and hearth. Because of its good technical and economic indexes, simple process, large production capacity, high labor productivity and low energy consumption, the iron produced by this method accounts for the vast majority of the world's total iron output.
The flux (limestone) for iron ore, coke and slagging is loaded from the top of the blast furnace, and the preheated air is blown into the tuyere located at the lower part of the furnace along the periphery of the furnace. At high temperature, carbon in coke (some blast furnaces also inject coal powder, heavy oil, natural gas and other auxiliary fuels) combusts with oxygen in the air to produce carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which removes oxygen from iron ore in the process of rising in the furnace, thus reducing to iron. The molten iron is discharged from the taphole. The unreduced impurities in iron ore are combined with fluxes such as limestone to form slag, which is discharged from the slag mouth. The produced gas is discharged from the top of the furnace and is used as fuel for hot blast stoves, heating furnaces, coke ovens and boilers after dust removal. The main products of blast furnace smelting are pig iron, byproduct blast furnace slag and blast furnace gas.

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